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The Way Forward - Hubs & Clusters?

 A review of the changing needs of artists, faith and a supportive community in a local HUB based group.                                                                                                Click Here

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CA Conference 2020

speaker transcripts from conference sessions 


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Pioneer ministry and the Arts

Why are the new Pioneer Ministries so interested in the arts?   Are Artist natural Pioneers? How can both groups support each other to meet the needs of their local community?

The prophet Elijah - Marianne Mortensen



Christian Arts is a society for all wish to explore and deepen the relationship between their faith and the arts.


Christian Arts' diverse membership is drawn from both the visual and written creative arts: painters, sculptors, printmakers, ceramicists, book and textile artists, craftspeople, writers and poets from all over the country.


Our membership is open to those involved in the arts who are committed Christians.



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Our history

We are an ecumenical society of Christian artists in Britain formed over forty years ago, as the UK branch of the Société Internationale des Artistes Chrétiens (SIAC) which supports Christian arts events in many countries. We are a sister society to the Society of Catholic Artists (SCA).

Our missional aims

We believe Christian engagement with the arts offers a prophetic gift. That gift can aid the mission of the church through making the unseen seen. 

We value courage, creativity and diversity as we discover ways of being creative and visionary people of faith within different contexts. 

We believe that questions and theological reflection are both important as we learn and create together. 

We seek to equip the church in mission by encouraging and releasing the Spirits creativity. We offer out our artistic gifts as we share our faith with church and communities.