London Diploma in Fine Art(Slade Diploma)1960.

Art Teacher's Certificate(Institute of Education,Malet St.)1961.

Prize in Etching(Diploma Year)

Taught by Anthony Gross at the Slade.

Returned to Etching in 1993 after having retired

from a successful career in education.



Has always drawn & painted from an early age.

Enjoys employing a wide range of media.

As well as running workshops executes commissions,

& occasionally does illustration work.

(Worked for Scripture Union in this latter capacity).

John regards Etching as his principal activity but as well as painting

does Calligraphy.He maintains two Memorial Books.

He also finds leading  Creativity Activities & Projects within the context of his Church fellowship,

is Spiritually & Emotionally rewarding.

Gainsborough's House  Printworkshop  member since 1995.

A longstanding member of the Widmore Centre Printmakers Group.

Member of Commission 4 Mission.

Exhibits regularly with those groups.

An exhibitor  at the RA Summer Exhibition.

Has twice taken part in the Rochford Art Trail,Essex.

One man shows at the Beecroft Gallery,Westcliff on Sea,Essex,&,

The Edmund Gallery,St.Edmundsbury,Suffolk.

Is presently working on a series of etchings on the, 'Signs of The Kingdom',

from the Gospel of John.


The process of printmaking intrigues & totally engages me.It has a mystic quality

unique to the Printmaker's Art,because the image appears as if from another place

when one pulls the first proof from the press!My subjects are largely drawn from recollections

of things seen.Often they are biblically based,My 'making', is the essential expression of my

journey,& my constant companion.




JOHN GENTRY Etcher and painter

The way of the Cross
The way of the Cross
The way of the Cross rollover
The way of the Cross rollover
The 1
The 1