I am a professed member of the Third Order of the Society of Saint Francis [TSSF] and belong with the Third Orders Contemplative Network.


I am married with a husband who supports my Franciscan vocation. I live in the Church of England Diocese of Birmingham in the UK attached to a parish that is part of the Estate Churches Network.


I studied at Queen's Foundation in Birmingham and hold a BA[Hons] in Applied Christian Theology amongst other qualifications.


My home is shared with both wild and rescued animals and I can often be found knitting as an aide to prayer amidst piles of yarn, trails of theological books or simply sat wondering in my garden.


I am committed to a life of prayer and I am involved with local forms of prophetic justice as an outward living of my inward contemplative life. My personal spirituality is inwardly Desert and outwardly Franciscan. ‘Sit in your cell and give your body in pledge to the walls.’ Unknown Desert Father.


My primary commitment is to live out my Franciscan vocation in fraternity with the Third Order of the Society of Saint Francis. My rule of life is probably closer in shape to that of an anchorite rather than a hermit. I have a window in my life that opens and listens to the needs of the church allowing me to respond. Woven between prayer and time spent with God, I paint. To those sent to me in need I offer the hospitality of the desert and there is a door that opens so the world may come to me and that I may visit humanity before returning to my cell to once more hold the worlds needs before God."

For me art is a tool that enables prayer and deep prayer can in turn be visually expressed and shared through art. I work in watercolours, soft pastels and various drawing media. I retain a fascination in how the natural world around us points us towards the unseen Kingdom at work often in the least expected of places.


Most of my commissioned art work is from bereaved parents whose babies sadly die around the time of their birth through my face-book page 'Little Blue Butterfly'. Through my art I try to capture the beauty and joy that each precious child brought into their parent’s world and the lives of their wider family. Each portrait can tell a baby’s story with a close personal feel that photographs may not capture. Portraits are memories that connect directly with the heart that bring comfort and even healing among so many tears. All my angel baby portraits shown on this gallery have been shared with the kind permission of their parents who will always love them and will always miss them.

Little Blue Butterfly

Cait also paints portraits for bereaved parents whose babies die around the time of their birth.     

All parents have kindly given their permission for their children to be shared by 'Little Blue Butterfly' on the Christian Art's website. Their beautiful portraits may be viewed here.

The still small voice. [Mixed media] a
The poor in spirit. [Ink] a
Jerimiah 17 v.8. Acrylic a
Bread at Emmaus. [Acrylic] a
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