Artist  statement

Painting is in my blood. My mother and her mother and my grandfather were all painters.  However it was only after I studied Drama at Manchester University that I returned to painting and more recently printing

I have lived most of my adult life inBrixton in south east London, an area that has experienced huge change over the last decade. A number of my pictures reflect the colour and  vibrancy for which this area is known

I work in  a variety of mediums including pastel , water colour gouache, and   linocut prints.

Recurring motifs  in my work are spirituality, locality and the use of colour 

 I see painting as a form of exploration and experimentation, this  is  what makes the process



Recent commission completed of Saint  Emilie de Rodat foundress of Holy Family Sisters

July 16/17 Open House show at 25 Pulross Road, Brixton

 October 16/17 exhibition of work at Worth Abbey Sussex


Facebook:  John Bateson-Hill

Website address

Sorrow in Blue 1
The British Holiday 1
Noli me Tangere
Emilie de Rodat 1 ( small )
Angel Gabriel 2
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