Helen Armstrong trained at Chelsea and Brighton art schools as a painter and printmaker. Has taught art and crafts, worked as an illustrator and graphic designer, and then trained as a counsellor and combined art work with a private counselling practice, including running groups using art for self knowledge. Now retired from counselling. Former Vice President of SIAC – Societe Internationale des Artistes Chretiens – 2000 – 2008, former President of Society of Sussex Painters 2009-2012. Has exhibited nationally and intentionally.

Interested in using new techniques, including using a computer to make drawings with the mouse, working in layers with Photoshop, which is similar otomaking a lithograph, and drawing on ipad with a finger.


Statement  What pleases me in my art work is the way the other can be found in everyday life. A road sign, jet vapour trails, sunlight falling on net curtains, a reflection in a train window, all can evoke an awareness of what lies beneath the surface. Artists deal with surface, we work with materials and how they look. As a counsellor I looked beneath the surface to see what was happening in the unconscious. In my art work I like to combine these different approaches, enjoying the pleasure of the surface effects while reflecting on the deeper meanings that are also visible.

Helen Armstrong NDD, ATC, Ad Dip Couns,



lamentation collage icon
Ark, cloth  banner
face, fused glass
Asleep_awake, drawn on computer
sweet williams, drawn on ipad
Lancing crucifix
Alexander Solzhenitsin and the Harrowing of Hell, drawn on computer copy
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