John trained in art schools at Swindon, Walthamstow and Brighton. Taught art and crafts in schools, worked in museums in Hove and Lewes, and at University of Brighton Gallery. Work in churches includes great Altar Crucifix at St Peter’s Parish Church Brighton, and great hanging Crucifix in St Boniface, Tooting London. A cycle of 22 paintings at St George’s Church, Hove, an eight figure Reredos at St Mary’s Bath, and a 3 figure Altarpiece at St John the Evangelist, Horsham.

Has exhibited internationally with SIAC, and has work in private collections worldwide, including the Royal collection at Highgrove, and has contributed to several books on painting and landscape painting.

Designed and produced more than 50 pictorial church signs in Sussex and beyond. Commissions are invited.



“Through his work the Christian Painter is responsible more than ever for expressing the Way, the Truth and the Life.   We must use earthly images and signs as pointers to higher levels of understanding - to an inner joy and a vision of love. It is our task to illustrate, interpret and share the joy of the Kingdom of Heaven by using themes drawn from the Bible, the Liturgy and everyday life.  At the same time we are one with the Creator through the act of painting.  We may often fail to live up to this ideal but I think it will be the Christian painter’s concern to work quietly and faithfully and to return to a direction in painting where the spiritual meaning will again be the point of departure”.


Anima Christi
Hanging crucifix- Tooting
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