I have loved to draw and paint all my life, but was discouraged from going to Art School by my parents.  I trained as a primary school teacher, taking Art as my main subject.  I taught in state primary schools and later, after having my two children, taught Art and French up to GCSE in a Christian School. 

After retiring I ran a puppet team, taking Christian assemblies in primary schools in Herefordshire and Gloucestershire.  I have also been illustrating Shell books, which are simple reading books for use in third world countries.

I believe creativity is a God-given gift and like to use it to express the beauty of God’s creation and to serve in Christian ministry.  I mostly paint in acrylic or watercolour.  I now exhibit regularly with three artist friends in Hertfordshire, raising money for local charities.  I was recently commissioned with others to make a painting for a local choral society, to display in a church for their performance of Haydn’s ‘Te Deum’. 

I will be exhibiting my work in my local Art Society’s members’ exhibition in October.  I also love to have opportunities to be creative in my local church.

Statement : As a member of Hertford Art Society I do a painting every year to illustrate the choral work they perform in the Spring.

News : Hertford Art Society will have their Open Exhibition in May this year in Hertford.  Details will be on their website.


The Light has come
The Secret Garden
The Saviour Comes
The Lady in Black
Putney from the 5th Floor
Deer in the mist
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