Jean Lamb

Info : Born 1957 Hampstead, London.

BA Honours in Fine Art First Class Degree 1979 Reading University

Oxford Certificate in Theology 1984 St Stephens House, Oxford

MA in Fine Art 1988 Nottingham Trent University

Artist and Associate Priest living and practicing in Nottingham

Offering : Public and Private Commissions, Home Gallery, Studio Retreats, Creativity Days,

Lectures, Consultancy, Framing and much more.


My work reflects the ideas and emotions of our Age, as considered within the Christian framework.

It can be used by the Churches in Exhibitions to beautify, enhance, challenge or disturb.

It is bought by individuals to bring colour and light for homes and for contemplative prayer.

I have been commissioned by churches and a cathedral for my work in wood to bring the nearer

presence of Jesus to the worshipping community.


Studio/Gallery : St Albans House, 4 Dale Street, Sneinton, Nottingham, NG2 4JX

JEAN LAMB - Artist


Christus Rex with paper background copy
Four Trees 2011 Oil on canvas 2'x3'
Presentation 1993  Oil on sycamore
2006 English Cross
2006 Uppingham Gospel Covers copy
Tiger Fighting Schools of Vanity and Indifference
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