Making a difference with Christian Arts

Heaven in my arms

A couple of years ago, I came across the Christian Arts (CA) website in my seach for an international Christian art fellowship. I knew intuitively that this was what I had been looking for! Artists with a passion for expressing themselves spiritually through art.

The 2017 exhibition in Worcester Cathedral was my first experience - and a good one. The cathedral - a wonderful piece of art itself - was a perfect frame for the exhibition. To be an artist and Christian can be a lonely and difficult walk.

Jesus and the leper

In mainstream galleries there is a "no touch" mentality toward spiritual inspired art, and it is difficult for Christian artists to get a platform in the modern artworld, unless you compromise your artworks,which I think is a tragedy! We have been called to be light in the world, to be salting salt, not only seen by fellow Christians.

Hopefully CA can make a difference. CA is no big organisation, but you can join in fellowship with colleagues, be encouraged, inspired, provoked or challenged, which is what I think I need!

Images: Heaven in my arms; Jesus and the leper

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